Recommended Blackjack casinos. Blackjack is popular among gamblers for three reasons;
it is easy to play so it is the most recommended for beginners. Secondly, it is interesting since
there is an element of skill which you can join in for fun and adventure.

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Blackjack history

Blackjack, also known as 21, was first introduced as a popular casino table games in the early 21st century in France. By then, its popularity had already spread from North America to other parts of the world. When Edward Thorp, a mathematics professor, was studying the game, he invented first card counting techniques and blackjack basic strategies for beginners. Since then, other mathematicians and computer geeks have devised innovative strategies. Just like any other banked card game, players are required to compete against the dealer instead of each other. The primary objective is to achieve a sum near 21 than the house without going above it.

Blackjack Rules

Rules for playing Blackjack are quite simple and varied in nature depending on the types of Blackjack. For some casinos, the house must hit on a 17 while others may compel him to stand. Some may do not allow for doubling down after a split. No matter the strategy, standard rules must be followed as summarized below:

  • Stand- you don’t stand a chance to pick more cards
  • Hit- you are allowed to pick another card. Hitting will continue until you either have cards worth more than 21 (busting) or decide to stop picking more cards.
  • Double down- your bet is doubled and you are allowed to pick only one card.
  • Split- two cards worth the same value give automatic chance to double bets thus you can split your hand, and have each face value of card same as first card in the new hand. 
  • Surrender- If you notice your hand is losing value, avoid making losses by giving up the hand and losing the bet.

Beating your dealer’s hand depends on three ways;

  • If the first two cards sum up to 21- also considered a ‘blackjack’.
  • If your hand reaches a score above the dealer’s and not over 21
  • If the dealer’s hand is over 21

How to play Blackjack

A typical Blackjack game is characterized by one or more standard 52-card decks where each number is assigned a point value. Cards falling between 2 and 10 are worth face card values while kings, queens and jacks are worth 10. Aces, on the other hand, are considered under the value of 1 or 11 points. Primary goal for each player is to draw cards to a sum of not more than 21: nothing more than the dealer’s cards.

After the players have bet using chips in front of them, the dealer will present two cards to each player and two for himself of which one must dealt face up. The facedown is also known as ‘hole card’. In case the dealer has a 10 or an ace showing, he will pick his facedown card to determine if he has a blackjack. Just in case the dealer gets a blackjack, all the wagers will lose resulting in a push. This is only possible if none of the players also has a blackjack.

Each player should work his/her way up to achieve a two-card 21, considerably a Blackjack. For instance, blackjack will award odds of 3-2; two-card 21 on a $5 bet with a $7.5 instead of $5. If by any circumstance the dealer also has a two-card totaling to 21, it is considered a tie and your original betting amount is refunded. Nevertheless, if the dealer goes ahead to draw 21 on a three or more cards, you are the blackjack winner earning 3-2 payoff.

Blackjack strategy and playing blackjack online

Blackjack is purely based on the rationale of probability. Most people believe no matter the number of times you win, the house will still end up having the last laugh. The cards on your hands will determine if there is a probability of drawing another card without going over 21. The dealer’s up card will also determine if you will be beaten without busting. With the blackjack basic strategy, it does not take rocket science to understand how to count cards.

A basic strategy table guides your hand against the dealer’s cards and advises you on the best move to take. You can start by subscribing for channels or books to enlighten you on the basic steps and intelligent moves to make to beat your dealer.

The biggest groundbreaking for blackjack history was the introduction of the internet in casinos by 1990. Now, you do not have to dress up for the casino or put up with a noisy crowd who want to interfere with your best moves. In fact, gamblers have the opportunity to play from the comfort of their homes or offices. By playing online, you become your own boss.

Wild jack is the official site for online blackjack and is one of the most popular app among gamblers. With more than 40 types of blackjack online games, you can play free of charge, download practice or for money, single-hand or multi-hand. The most popular types include; Classic blackjack, Atlantic City blackjack and European blackjack. In addition, some blackjack variations that you have never participated in before which you may take interest in include; Double Exposure Blackjack, Pontoon Gold and Spanish blackjack.

If you are beginner, welcome to blackjack online casino and meet with live dealers. In fact, smart gamblers can earn great payouts on a consistent basis since it presents the lowest house advantage than any other casino game which is only 0.5% advantage on average. Whether it is wild jack online or the classic casino blackjack, the house is privileged to make players hit or stand or draw and stand first. Nevertheless, privileges are quite low and rules can draw meaning out of it. Since they give coupons, comps and blackjack bonuses, it is possible to win against the house.

When playing 21 as well as other card games, you get an opportunity to enjoy visually enhanced demo game with state-of-art sound and graphic features. You also have the chance to play with live dealers through your computer with other players or against the house at your own round table. This can be achieved through live streaming. You will meet your dealer but have no clue about other players.

The world of blackjack contuse growing and developing with new games to play for fun or for a chance to play for money. Before the game starts, you need to understand that trying to have the best hand either equivalent to a blackjack or totaling to 21, is a clear indication of a possible win. Always ensure you make the right moves to increase the probability of winning against the house. Side bets are allowed though you need to be extra careful when making such important decisions.