European Roulette

Recommended European Roulette casinos. Nowadays, you can find European Roulette at most
online casinos in very realistic versions. It is also a much-frequented option in brick and mortar casinos.

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Presenting the Little Wheel in its European Version roulette

When we are talking about casino games, roulette is, of course, one of the most frequently mentioned names. The title has become iconic over the years, and it has a special place in the hearts of casino players, both in land-based casinos and at online gaming sites. The name actually means little wheel in French, and it is a very fitting name as the outcome of a game is determined by spinning a wheel with numbers on it.

Roulette is now embraced around the world. The game was introduced in the 18th century, and it didn’t take long for bettors in Paris to be attracted to its unique gaming mechanics. Some minor differences can be found between the current versions and the ones described in the 1790s. The most notable difference is that the zero pockets used to be either red or black and not green.

European Roulette was introduced after gambling became illegal in Germany. A family of enthusiasts moved their operations to a casino in Monte Carlo and presented a roulette wheel with a single zero. From here, the version spread in most locations across the world but didn’t catch on in the United States. American roulette remains the preferred version in casinos in the USA.

Nowadays, you can find European Roulette at most online casinos in very realistic versions. It is also a much-frequented option in brick and mortar casinos.

How Roulette Became the most Popular Table Game

All types of players can enjoy roulette, especially in its European version. The betting table has a lot of options, and so you can quickly select the risk you are willing to take. Clients can bet on one single number or almost half of them if preferred. The payout rates match the level of risk. Also, European Roulette is among the easiest casino games to learn and master. The gameplay is very straightforward, and players do not have to waste time with complicated rules.

You will also enjoy the low house edge. Roulette is among the best paying games you can find in a casino. Experienced players are attracted to the high RTP and the many betting options available for every round. A successful bet can pay as much as 35 times the placed wager.

Even beginners are quickly drawn to the magic of the roulette table. The name alone can be attractive thanks to its fame and reputation. Customers can place even money bets and enjoy wins very frequently, which makes it a fun experience.

Roulette - understanding the Rules and Betting

Clients can enjoy roulette games online for free and for real money. We recommend that you start with the free version to practice a bit and see how the action unfolds at the table before switching to real cash betting.

The game rules are elementary. European Roulette is played with a wheel that has 37 pockets, numbered from 0 to 36. The 0 pocket is green while the rest alternate between red and black. The alignment on the wheel is based on a set series, and the numbers are not placed in ascending order. The wheel spins and a small white ball is thrown in the opposite direction to determine the outcome. As the wheel slows down, the ball drops in one of the pockets and the winning number is announced.

Players can place bets on the table, which is located next to the wheel. The layout presents all of the available numbers as well as extra betting options for groups of numbers and the colour of the pocket. You can select the bet you wish to place by putting chips on the respective location. Setting the chips on lines or corners will include all of the connecting numbers in the wager.

The payout in European Roulette is based on how many numbers are included in the initial bet, minus one. For example, if you bet on one number (also known as a straight bet) and win, you will receive a payout of 35:1 even if there are a total of 37 possible outcomes. In case you are wondering, this is where the house edge comes in. The game gives the casino an advantage of 2.70% on every bet.

It is possible to wager two categories of wagers in roulette: inside bets and outside bets. These refer to the location of the options as part of the betting table. The inside positions cover individual numbers and groups of up to six choices. Outside bets cover more numbers. Players can opt to bet on the number being low, high, red, black, odd, or even. Additional options here include dozen bets, column bets, and a special snake bet.

Clients who are new to roulette can learn the basics in just a few rounds. The only tricky part is knowing where to place be chips for larger groups of numbers. The good news is that you can practice online and click to see how it works. Once everything is set, you need only spin the wheel to see if you win or not.

The Best Tips and Strategies to Win at the Table roulette

Many players have searched for the best strategies when betting on roulette. The goal is to beat the house or at least lower the edge for better results in the long run. In truth, no perfect strategy can guarantee positive results in this casino game. Everything is set up to give the casino advantage, and you can best see this in the payout rates. While it is possible to finish a session with a nice sum of winnings, the casino always makes a profit in the long run.

With that being said, you should not feel discouraged from trying European Roulette and using some betting strategies. A good tip, in this case, is to avoid the American Roulette version since this has an extra pocket for 00 which is also green and almost doubles the house edge.

As for the actual strategies, gamblers can use betting systems when it comes to the even-money wagers to take advantage of the low casino edge. The martingale model stands out from the options, and many experienced bettors put it into practice in roulette. This strategy requires a significant bankroll in relation to the starting bet size. The player needs to double the size of the wager when a bet loses so that a successful bet can cover previous losses. You will also receive an additional win which is the same size as the initial stake.

The disadvantage to the martingale concept in real money gambling is that the bet size increases at a breakneck pace and a few lost wagers in a row can make it unaffordable for the player to continue.

D’Alembert is another betting system that follows a similar strategy. It can be used in the same way as the martingale system. However, you will not have to double the bet for every loss. Instead, you have to increase the size by one unit when losing and then reduce it by a unit after winning. The progression is not as drastic and can be the safer path.

Most roulette players combine inside bets and outside bets. For example, you can bet on the winning pocket being red and also select a particular number, let’s say 7. The colour wager will pay 1:1 fairly often and so it makes it entertaining while also sustaining a more extended session. The ball only has to land on seven once every 34 spins to make a profit.